Smart Freight Week

A journey to an efficient and zero emission logistics sector

Smart Freight Week provides an excellent networking opportunity for all of Smart Freight Centre’s members, partners and friends to learn more about the latest developments tied to decarbonizing freight and logistics. The event is by invitation only for SFC community members.

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What to expect

This conference will be an opportunity for the logistics industry to get together and exchange knowledge associated with the latest developments tied to reducing GHG emissions originating from freight and logistics. Some of the topics being discussed at this stage include:

  • Developments in the reporting space and standards (i.e. ISO)
  • Initiatives underway tied to designing solutions pathways through stronger collaborations across the industry
  • Approaches towards scaling up and advancing the decarbonization journeys
  • Subject specific workshops with key partners for in depth discussions and knowledge sharing
  • Networking opportunities to ensure industry-wide knowledge sharing
  • Dedicated sessions for members-only of SFC’s programs: Global Logistics Emission Council (GLEC), Clean Cargo, Zero Emissions Freight Initiative China (ZEFI) and Sustainable Freight Buyers Alliance (SFBA) members
  • More information about SFC's new Air Transport Initiative, Clean Air Transport
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Highlights from Smart Freight Week 2023