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HP Inc.

HP Inc. (formerly Hewlett Packard) estimates about 1.2 million or 3.4% of the company’s annual 36 million tonnes GHG emissions are generated from logistics. To bring personal computers and printers to markets quickly, most emissions are from freight transportation by air (58%), followed by road and rail (29%) and sea (13%) delivered mostly through logistics partners.

HP Inc.

HP Inc’s Policy Position on Energy and Climate Change highlights the belief that calculation and disclosure of GHGs as well as participation in climate initiatives, including for logistics, is key to long-term business success. For the 5th year in a row and (7th overall) HP received the US EPA SmartWay Excellence Award for leadership for the environmental performance of our supply chain.

“Environmental associations like the Smart Freight Centre help HP Inc. accomplish our long term goals to reduce green house gas emissions 10% by the year 2025 across our global supply chain. This partnership also supports HP’s strategy to reinvent industry standards to drive lasting improvements to the planet, people and communities where we live, work and do business.”

William Long
Global Head of Supply Chain Network and Logistics, HP Inc.


  • One of the first adopters of the GLEC Framework. To support implementation by subcontracted logistics partners. HP organized training and incorporated the requirement to report emissions & conform with the GLEC Framework in its contracts. HP Inc. ensured that the GLEC Framework was also incorporated in the EPEAT IT sector ecolabel standards* and advocated for its inclusion in the Gartner Logistics Supply Chain Top 25* and CDP* where HP Inc consistently receives high rankings.


  • Took action where it has an influence as a shipper. For example, by fitting three laptops in one box, 31% more laptops fit on a pallet shipped to stores. Shipping notebooks from China to other countries in Asia, Europe and the Americas via ocean instead of air reduces 40,000 tonnes CO2e.
  • Another example is the implementation of TransEurAsiaRail (TER) – an innovative RAIL solution between Chongqing, China and Duisburg, Germany. This has improved the transportation mode mix (decrease of airfreight) from China and contributed to reduce emissions of Notebooks shipments into Europe significantly. In 2018 25% of all Notebooks were shipped via Rail vs 2% in 2010.


  • Took a leadership role on collaboration with other multinationals and logistics partners through major green freight programs, several of which it helped as a founding member: SmartWay*, Clean Cargo Working Group*, Green Freight Asia* and the Brazilian Green Logistics Program*. HP Inc. has advocated for their global spread through the UN-led Global Green Freight Action Plan* in support of the Paris Climate Agreement.
  • Advocates for 3D printing* to reinvent the way the world designs and manufactures to help drive a more sustainable Fourth Industrial Revolution that can significantly impact the need for global freight movements.

HP Inc. is a leading information technology company with the vision of creating technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere. HP Inc. develops personal computers, printers and related supplies, as well as 3D printing solutions.

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