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Welcome to the Smart Freight Learning Centre, our global learning and development hub, for organizations to scale up their skills and competencies in logistics reporting, target setting and accelerate the uptake of decarbonization solutions to collectively meet climate targets.

Scale up decarbonization!

We offer trainings that help you create and implement a sustainable logistics roadmap, take you through calculation of your emissions with the GLEC Framework and the ISO standards, and help you become a change agent within your organization to accelerate your sustainability goals.

Browse through our webinar courses and our self-paced e-trainings and see which one suits you best! Anyone can join, but members of Smart Freight Centre are eligible for discounts on all of our live trainings and e-trainings.

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Our live trainings

Our live trainings are being delivered in webinar format. This means that you sign up to be part of a webinar series, spread out over a couple of weeks. You'll have the chance to ask questions, collaborate with the other participants and receive a certificate of completion after successful participation.

  • Join the live session and learn from our industry experts
  • Ask questions and discuss ideas with instructors and participants
  • Build and improve your company's logistics decarbonization efforts

Our e-trainings

Does your schedule or training budget not allow for a webinar training? You can also opt for one of our e-trainings, that cover several topics in sustainable logistics. From a specific exercise on calculating with the GLEC Framework to an introduction to sustainable logistics in general, these e-trainings allow you to gain knowledge on your own pace. At completion of the e-course on our online learning platform, you will receive a certificate of completion.

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Test yourself on the material
  • Receive a certificate of completion

Interested in our trainings?

For more information on the Smart Freight Learning Centre and its trainings, contact Maaike Posthuma.

Maaike Posthuma
Maaike Posthuma

Program Manager

What participants say

"The Sustainable Logistics Roadmap training gave me the helicopter view that I needed to start looking in the right direction towards greener logistics. A very broad and interesting training with experienced lecturers and real-life cases."

The GLEC Calculation workshop facilitators demonstrated a deep understanding of the subject matter and presented the information in a clear and concise manner. They effectively combined theoretical explanations with practical examples, making it easier for participants to comprehend complex calculations and apply them to real-world scenarios.

"The Sustainable Logistics Roadmap is a very complete course! I recommend it for anyone within a company capable of influencing its Environmental Policy. It gives a very broad view of all the influencing external elements that impact a company, as well as the practical details to build your own roadmap. Recommended for Procurement Managers who manage the logistic category as well as Logistics and Sustainability Managers. This is the perfect triangle of participants to get the maximum value of this course."