Introduction to Sustainable Logistics

Learn the basics of sustainable logistics in your own pace

This training is aimed at creating awareness and introducing the key concepts on sustainable logistics. It is targeted at a broad audience of potential participants since it covers all the essentials that any logistics employee needs to know. The training can also serve as an onboarding exercise for any employee that is directly or indirectly linked to a company’s supply chain to better understand the concept of sustainable logistics. The training modules can be accessed through our online learning platform, which allows you to complete the training at your preferred time.

What does the course cover?

After completing the course, you will:

  • Understand the importance of taking action in sustainable logistics
  • Be familiar with relevant developments in the freight sector and learn how to build on existing efforts within your organization
  • Be equipped to use a step-by-step approach to manage sustainable logistics
  • Know how to apply the gained knowledge when improving your procurement & engagement strategies with your logistics contractors (carriers and Logistics Service Providers - LSPs) on sustainable logistics

When is the course?

This e-training course can be accessed through our online learning platform which allows you to complete the training at your preferred time.

What is the investment?

750 Euros (excluding VAT) and a time investment of 2-3 hours. Please contact for volume discounts.

Course modules

Module 1: Getting Started

Call for action. Highlights the importance of taking action in sustainable logistics. An introduction to relevant freight development drivers and trends and how to build on existing efforts within your organization.

Module 2: Calculate & Report / Setting Targets

Demonstrates the importance of calculating and reporting logistics GHG emissions.

Module 3: Solutions

Shares the available solutions to optimize the utilization of assets, efficiency of fleets and how to effectively use different transport modes to improve your logistics operations.

Module 4: Collaboration

Explains how to use procurement as a mechanism to achieve your targets and increase the sustainability of your suppliers. Learn how to engage with existing suppliers to reach your targets and reduce your logistics emissions.

How to join the course?

In case you want to offer this training to a larger group of participants, then please connect with as we can arrange the below more efficiently for groups and provide status reports.

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  3. Buy the course with your credit card through PayPal (no PayPal account needed)*
  4. Start learning at your own pace

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Follow-up training

Sustainable Logistics Roadmap training

The Sustainable Logistics Roadmap Training goes one step further, where in a webinar format we provide a deep dive into how to implement, apply and manage a roadmap that will enable their respective company’s journey to zero emissions.

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