Smart Transport Manager Training

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Transport managers are a key part of your supply chain – and their role can be challenging. Every day they’re focusing on safety, legal compliance and customer service while coordinating operations, routes and schedules.

Understanding how the different fuel-saving measures can be managed is critical to helping them have a clear oversight of freight operations and where efficiencies can be made. It makes sense therefore to boost their awareness and insight into the importance of the different measures in a holistic way.

That's why Smart Freight Centre developed the Smart Transport Manager Training in 2017. The training equips fleet managers with the skills needed to reduce emissions and fuel consumption around the five pillars of efficient truck fleet management. These pillars are: fuels, drivers, vehicles, performance monitoring and information technology.

80+ Carriers; 100+ Transport Managers trained in Australia, China, Ireland, & South Africa.

As well as sharing experiences and challenges with their peers, the transport managers leave the course with an action plan reviewed by a specialist. At the end of the training course, attendees will be awarded a certificate and admitted into the community of Smart Transport Managers.

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