Smart Freight Centre and Implement Consulting Group launch “Procurement Playbook Toward Zero Emissions Logistics Services” to integrate sustainability within logistics procurement

Amsterdam, March 27 - In a strategic collaboration, Smart Freight Centre has joined forces with Implement Consulting Group with the backing of the First Movers Coalition (FMC) and Scope 3 Peer Group to develop and launch the "Procurement Playbook Toward Zero Emissions Logistics Services". This innovative playbook is designed to empower shippers and freight buyers to optimize sustainable logistics procurement by aligning with industry-recognized standards and raising the bar.

Procurement playbook launch graphic (1200 x 400 px)

Recognizing the challenges and trade-offs inherent in the diverse landscape of sustainable logistics, logistics procurement faces hurdles when aiming for transport decarbonization. The Procurement Playbook Toward Zero Emissions Logistics Services addresses these issues head-on, offering targeted revisions to sourcing processes and leveraging established methodologies.

Crafted by Smart Freight Centre’s ‘Sustainable Freight Buyers Alliance’, the playbook consolidates insights from eight workshops, incorporating practical examples and experiences from member companies. This comprehensive guide provides practical advice on necessary modifications to current procurement processes, drawing from best practices of leading companies. 

Key Highlights of the Procurement Playbook:

  • Streamlining the procurement process for effective sourcing of low-carbon solutions.
  • Pinpointing crucial sustainable criteria to enhance logistics procurement.
  • Practical tools and mechanisms for inclusion of sustainability in any sourcing strategy, RFI, RFP and evaluation.

The playbook offers a systematic approach to integrate sustainability in logistics procurement processes. It sets out how a transactional and a transformational approach can be used to the successful sourcing of low-carbon logistics solutions. It integrates emissions reporting requirements and enables setting performance requirements in collaboration with logistics service providers. The playbook recommends implementing six interventions tailored to the transactional process. These interventions are refined from the common challenges faced by freight buyers, being sourcing strategy, specification, RFI/RFP, evaluation, contracting and performance management. Together with the transformational approach, they establish the sustainable framework for procuring zero emissions logistics services.

"Sustainable logistics has yet to demonstrate the same level of standardization observed in commodities, necessitating a revision of the current procurement processes. The procurement playbook addresses these issues by focusing on six interventions to help navigate the lack of maturity and scale."

Julien Bictel
Procurement Manager, Smart Freight Centre

“We are proud of our contribution to the Procurement Playbook Toward Zero Emissions Logistics Services. It is our hope that our knowledge and experience in the field will provide practical insights and best practices to procurement professionals and enable them to seamlessly integrate sustainability into their sourcing strategies, fostering a greener future for logistics, for the world we live in and for future generations to come.”

Anders Lehmann
Senior Partner, Implement Consulting Group

Download the Procurement Playbook

Download the Procurement Playbook here.

For more information, visit our procurement workstream page.

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Smart Freight Centre (SFC) is a globally active non-profit organization for climate action in the freight sector. Our goal is to mobilize the global logistics ecosystem, in particular our members and partners, in tracking and reducing its greenhouse gas emissions. We accelerate the reduction of logistics emissions to achieve a zero-emission global logistics sector by 2050 or earlier, consistent with 1.5° pathways.

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