Sustainable Freight Buyers Alliance

Why is SFBA needed?

Uniting corporate freight buyers to shift towards zero-emissions freight across all modes of transport in collaboration with their supply chains and partners.

Decarbonizing freight transport is critical to achieving the global goals of zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Today, freight transport accounts for 8% of global CO₂ emissions. By 2050, direct CO₂ emissions from logistics are set to rise by 42%.

Currently, freight buyers are presented with overwhelming number of options from sustainable solution providers and struggle with the challenges posed by individual efforts and the lack of relevant policy support. To attain zero emissions freight transport, the sector must transition to a sustainable freight system in which players take collective responsibility and act simultaneously.

Organizations on their journey to freight decarbonization can become a member of the SFC community. Members have access to a wide portfolio of initiatives and projects to help them collaborate to improve their GHG emission performance and supply chain economics. Membership unlocks solutions through several SFC programs, including Global Logistics Emission Council (GLEC), Clean Cargo, Clean Air Transport Initiative and the Sustainable Freight Buyers Alliance (SFBA).

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What is SFBA?

The Sustainable Freight Buyers Alliance (SFBA) is a collaborative initiative that brings together freight buyers in a joint effort to shift towards zero-emissions freight transport.

The aim of the alliance is to motivate freight buyers to assume responsibility and take action in reducing emissions from their transportation activities and to collaborate with other companies in order to support the development of decarbonization initiatives that enable this transition.

Our members include Shippers, Carriers, LSPs and others.

Our members

How does SFBA help?

As a neutral facilitation platform, we actively engage our members in discussions, design and execution of collaborative projects. Our role is to act as a convening center for action initiatives, bringing together various decarbonization initiatives.

While other similar initiatives are seeking to achieve similar decarbonization objectives through longer term commitments to reduce emissions, SFBA aims to translate commitments from members and their willingness to change by implementing scalable solutions across all modes and geographies.

By aggregating the demand of our members, we enable them to accelerate towards zero emissions by collectively addressing their needs. Furthermore, we actively act as a knowledge hub by exchanging valuable knowledge, insights and expertise among our members.

Through SFBA we deliver projects, advance procurement, foster collaborative partnerships and drive policy change

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SFBA projects and workstreams

Fleet Electrification Coalition

The Fleet Electrification Coalition (FEC) aims to speed up large-scale ​e-truck deployment by leveraging the power of demand aggregation​. FEC is part of the Sustainable Fleet Buyers Alliance (SFBA), a Smart Freight Centre-led initiative.

Procurement workstream

Procurement plays a crucial role for freight buyers, extending beyond a mere transactional relationship with suppliers. The SFBA procurement workstream aims to enhance the procurement process, aligning it with sustainable logistics objectives. By integrating sustainability into tendering and evaluation processes, the workstream offers support to make procurement a driver for sustainable practices.

Collaboration Catalyzer

The goal of the Collaboration Catalyzer is to accelerate the decarbonization of the logistics sector by facilitating collaborative (pilot) projects between SFBA members. Through these projects, the intended outcome is to drive tangible progress and innovation in sustainable practices within the industry.

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SFBA Solutions Hub

The SFBA Solutions Hub's primary goal is to streamline decarbonization solutions, empowering freight buyers with the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions when procuring freight services

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