Partners and Funders

Scaling through partners

To scale our impact we partner with organizations and initiatives worldwide.

SFC formed the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC) in 2014 with more than 150 leading companies, industry associations, programs, experts and other organizations. Our Advisory Council of leading experts from academic institutions, international organizations and businesses ensures that SFC’s activities are best positioned to achieve our mission.

We have formal partnerships with BSR, CDP, World Business Council for Sustainable Development, and take part in various councils, including the WEF Global Future Council on Mobility, the UN-led Global Green Freight Action Plan, the Action towards Climate-friendly Transport Initiative (ACT), and the ALICE European technology platform for logistics.

SFC is a non-profit organization for the benefit of society as a whole. Charitable funds therefore continue to be essential for us to develop global standardized guidelines and advocacy work where the sector and society as a whole benefits. Our funders are Shell Foundation, Hewlett Foundation, Trafigura Foundation, UPS Foundation, Energy Foundation China, WeMeanBusiness and the European Commission.

Companies and organizations contribute to projects financially or in kind, and pay for services that benefit them directly, such as advice, assessments, training and workshops. Services can be either provided by SFC or our accredited and licensed partners.

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Strategic partners

SFC is supported by a network of strategic partners that share our vision of a zero-emissions freight and logistics. They work with Smart Freight Centre on guidelines, development and projects.

Partners in numbers


Associations & Organizations

We partner with associations and organizations all over the world for expert knowledge and to reach out to industry, government and other stakeholders.



Leading companies join our councils and events to provide industry knowledge and we jointly work on industry guidelines and advocate for industry-wide uptake.


Programs & Initiatives

To scale our impact we collaborate with programs and initiatives that focus on climate and sustainability in the freight or transportation sector or broader society.

SFC Friends

Our Friends support the GLEC mission, stay informed on GLEC and related developments, participate in GLEC webinars and events, and are willing to share experiences and help raise awareness. A selection of our 100+ SFC Friends is listed below.


Amer Sports Europe ServicesAnheuser-Busch InBevAudi AGBaxterBDP InternationalBNSFBury sp. z.o.o.Delmar InternationalDSV-PanalpinaEwals Cargo CareExpolanka / EFLFM LogisticGebrüder Weiss GmbHH&MH.EssersHenkel Global Supply Chain BVHapag-LloydKotahi LogisticsLyondellBasellMainFreightMarsMichelin GroupMondelēz InternationalOcha Ocha GmbHOIA GlobalProximusPrysmian GroupRCS LogisticsRola-TransROOTS LtdSamsung SDSSavino Del BeneSilo Jelicic dooSmurfit KappaSovereign SpeedSyngentaTetra PakXPO Logistics EuropeUPS (United Parcel Services)


ECTA (European Chemical Transport Association)IATA (International Air Transport Association)Interface Terminal GentSOS-LOGisticaEuropean Supply Chain Institute

Other organizations

4FOLD/HCIAdvantikaAgencia de Sostenibilidad EnergéticaAppanion LabsBioregionalCarré Publishing Ltdbp2rDalco e.U. Dauser Logistics ConceptsEnergy Saving TrustERGGood ShippingGreen Element/Compare Your FootprintThe FReMCo GroupLast mile teamMoretimerMixmovePCA GroupProject VertePSA Cargo SolutionsScope3Swivel Software •The Return Company •Re>Pal IndonesiaTransporeon GmbHTransficientUS GainInformation Systems for Social Impact Research Group, Swinburne UniversityXavier Lluch Assessoria i Serveis

SFC Experts

Our Expert partners provide knowledge and expertise to our projects and guidelines.