Unlocking Sustainable Logistics Through Collaboration: Smart Freight Centre and AllChiefs launch the Concept Note on Collaboration

Amsterdam, 22 January 2024 - This publication, enriched by insights from 20+ shippers, navigates the intricacies of decarbonization through collaborative solutions—optimized processes, modal shifts, and alternative fuels.


In a move towards accelerating the decarbonization of logistics, the "Initiating a Dialogue and Designing a Collaborative Framework for Decarbonizing Logistics: A Concept Note" (Concept Note on Collaboration) was officially launched today. The Concept Note, a result of meticulous analysis based on 20+ semi-structured interviews with shippers spanning various sectors, delves into the pivotal role collaboration plays in transforming the transportation landscape. The publication was the result of a collaboration between Smart Freight Centre and AllChiefs.

The heart of the publication lies in its exploration of collaborative solutions, primarily focusing on three key levers: optimization, modal shift, and alternative fuels. These levers, dissected through the lens of maturity, challenges, and potential for collaboration, provide a comprehensive overview of the current collaborative landscape in transportation.

One of the notable aspects highlighted is the importance of an independent intermediary in fostering successful collaborations. Overcoming challenges such as finding the right partners, building trust, aligning diverse interests, and addressing legal and practical concerns is crucial. The publication additionally highlights that an independent and neutral party can serve as a practical solution to navigate these obstacles.

The publication acknowledges the significance of recognizing the maturity of solution levers in influencing the challenges they face. By urging stakeholders to understand these nuances, the Concept Note on Collaboration aims to catalyze a shift towards more effective and sustainable collaborations in the transportation sector.

The unique approach employed in designing the collaboration framework is based on Wardley mapping—an evolutionary-oriented method for depicting business landscapes. Through this innovative technique, the evolution of products or services can be assessed, and associated uncertainties can be addressed.

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