Expanding our offering with a new introductory e-training in sustainable logistics

Amsterdam, 17 February 2022 - Smart Freight Centre launches a new, concise and accessible e-training: Introduction to Sustainable Logistics.

At Smart Freight Centre, we offer a variety of support to help organizations on their journey to zero emission logistics. This introductory training is targeted at anyone who is directly or indirectly involved or interested in a company’s decarbonization journey. It provides knowledge and confidence to those team members who benefit from a better understanding of the importance of sustainable logistics.

The ‘Introduction to Sustainable Logistics’ training is aimed at creating awareness, introducing the first building blocks and providing a vital overview of sustainable logistics. It covers all the essentials that any logistics employee needs to know. The downloadable training modules allow you to complete the training at your preferred time.

What the course covers

This e-training consists of four modules which will help you to:

  • Understand the importance of taking action in sustainable logistics

  • Be familiar and up to date with relevant developments in the freight sector and learn how to build on existing efforts within your organization

  • Be equipped to use a step-by-step approach to manage sustainable logistics

  • Know how to apply the gained knowledge when improving your procurement & engagement strategies with your logistics contractors (carriers and Logistics Service Providers - LSPs) on sustainable logistics.

Follow-up training

Sustainable Logistics Roadmap training

The Sustainable Logistics Roadmap Training goes one step further, where in a webinar format we provide a deep dive into how to implement, apply and manage a roadmap that will enable a respective company’s journey to zero emissions.

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