Case Studies

KDG Logistics achieved a 7% reduction in operating costs with STMT

12 August 2019 - As well as a 20% reduction in GHG emissions thanks to Smart Transport Manager Training.


KDG Logistics are a small long-haul road transport company that offers customized services to automotive manufacturers. With less than 100 trucks, they compete with fleets three times their size to achieve best-in-class overall efficiency and cost competitiveness.

“The course brought together the many fragments that make up good practice in road transport operations. It resulted in a strong, implementable action plan that demonstrated a profitable transformation of the business. "

Abdool Kamdar
Chief Innovation Officer at KDG Logistics in Durban, South Africa

KDG Logistics challenges are to achieve the lowest operational cost, best customer service and at the same time demonstrable CO2 emissions reductions.

The course enabled them to define a set of operational metrics that track each performance criteria and create a feedback loop to each person responsible for the achievement. Operational metrics include maintenance, downtime, cost per vehicle and GHG emissions emitted. They could then report improvements against baseline data.

Following the completion Smart Transport Manager Training, KDG Logistics implemented the Action Plan. Actions include driver training, preventative maintenance, load and route optimisation and the purchase of cleaner trucks.

KDG Logistics

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At KDG Logistics, early targets have already been reached, with more than 20% reduction in CO2 emissions, and a 7% reduction in cost of operations.