New ISO 14083 standard: a globally recognized methodology to calculate GHG emissions

Amsterdam, 10 May, 2023 - Smart Freight Centre’s GLEC Framework 2.0 has provided the principles upon which the new ISO 14083 standard for calculating GHG emissions is based.


With the launch of the new ISO 14083 standard, we are entering a new phase of global standardization. Developing ISO 14083 has been an essential step to wider acceptance of the principles developed with industry over nearly 10 years in the form of the GLEC Framework. It will make it easier for governments, international bodies and investors to adopt the same processes that the industry has already accepted through the GLEC Framework.

Put simply, SFC’s GLEC Framework and now the ISO 14083 standard allow for consistent calculation and reporting of global logistics GHG emissions.

We are currently updating the GLEC Framework to ensure full alignment with the new ISO standard. GLEC Framework  version 3.0 is expected to be published in September 2023. This new version of the GLEC Framework will remain the primary guideline to support industry with the implementation of ISO 14083.

Furthermore, Smart Freight Centre’s current GHG validation service will be phased out and replaced by an Assurance Program. The upcoming Assurance Program will provide guidance to Independent Verification Bodies how to assess conformance of the logistics GHG emission calculations of companies to the ISO 14083 using a verification checklist developed by SFC. This will ensure a consistent evaluation specifically designed for assessing logistics GHG emission calculations by auditors trained and approved by SFC.

SFC’s current accreditation program where logistics GHG calculation tool providers have their products
checked by SFC is likely to continue, with some minor changes and a new name.

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More information about the Assurance Program and Accreditation Program will follow in due course. If you’d like to know more about the upcoming Assurance Program, or to share your experience of verification services with us, please reach out to Ana Dahlin (

For any questions about the new ISO 14083 standard and the GLEC Framework please reach out to Kathrin Schuller (

For any questions regarding accreditation of calculation tool providers, please reach out to Marcus Lomax (

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