Smart Freight Centre implements a new membership structure to foster one platform with targeted solutions for all its members

Amsterdam, 13 October 2022 - Smart Freight Centre launches a new membership structure to allow for more knowledge sharing and collaboration across our communities and initiatives. From now on, members get to choose between a Premium or Base membership, bringing all of Smart Freight Centre’s initiatives to one platform and making its solutions accessible for all members.

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SFC is growing across multiple initiatives. The GLEC Partnership as our core has been complemented earlier this year with the Sustainable Freight Buyers Alliance in which leaders in the supply chain and logistics industry collaborate to take concrete action for decarbonization. At the start of 2022, we welcomed the Clean Cargo community and continue to support Clean Cargo members with decarbonizing maritime transport. We are also planning on onboarding an air freight initiative in 2023. Finally, we continue to expand geographically by adding the new Zero Emissions Freight Initiative to our portfolio in China and we aim to expand to India next year. The Smart Freight Centre community now includes 150+ organizations, working together to drive emission reduction and enhance efficiency.

Streamlining the membership structure

So far, members had access to only one of the four initiatives, while different membership structures and fees developed as SFC evolved. In the new structure, we have only two membership levels. Each member has access to all four initiatives and can choose their communities of interest, one or several. Please note that the China and forthcoming India initiatives will remain separate for now. To allow for more knowledge sharing across communities and programs, we streamlined the membership and offer a two-tiered SFC Membership: Premium and Base Membership. The Premium Membership provides access to all our initiatives (GLEC, Clean Cargo and a future air freight initiative) plus the Sustainable Freight Buyers Alliance, whilst the Base Membership gives you the benefits of GLEC, Clean Cargo and the future air freight initiative.

Two-tier membership: Premium and Base

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What does this mean

  • You become part of the Smart Freight Centre community on decarbonizing freight transport with access to the latest reports and guidelines
  • You can choose from a wide portfolio of initiatives and projects within the two membership tiers to push your emission performance and supply chain economics in collaboration with other partners
  • You can collaborate with like-minded partners across the supply chains – shippers, logistics service providers, carriers and original equipment manufacturer (OEMs)– but also civil society organizations, academia, public institutions and innovators

In case you have any questions and/or are interested in joining one of our memberships, please reach out to