Ongoing projects

Fleet Electrification Coalition (FEC)

FEC aims to speed up large-scale ​e-truck deployment by leveraging the power of demand aggregation​. FEC is part of the Sustainable Fleet Buyers Alliance (SFBA), a Smart Freight Centre-led initiative.

Inland Waterways Transport Network (IW-NET)

The IW-NET program will advance research, test solutions and apply these to increase the modal share of freight by inland waterways and support the European Union target to reduce transport greenhouse gas emissions by two thirds by 2050.

Market Based Measures Accounting Framework

The Market Based Measures Accounting Framework outlines a way for shippers, logistics service providers, freight carriers, and freight decarbonization solution providers to effectively partner with each other to deploy low-emission transportation services.

Building on a book and claim chain of custody approach, the Framework provides a way to overcome the barriers that can make heavy freight transportation emissions particularly hard to abate.

Road Freight Electrification Guidance

The Road Freight Electrification Guidance works towards helping fleet owners and freight buyers to better understand where and when electrification should be applied, based on solid research, a tested decision-making approach, and through real-life examples from around the world.

SFC Exchange Network

SFC Exchange Network is bridging the data gap to drive improvements in accurate carbon reporting and subsequent carbon reduction. This project can catalyze the shift towards decarbonization through a methodological approach to automatically exchange data.