Leading global companies unite to propel electric truck adoption in the United States and Europe and signal demand for more than 60,000 electric heavy duty trucks by 2030

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 20 September 2023: Today at Climate Week NYC, the Fleet Electrification Coalition (FEC) was launched by Smart Freight Centre and CALSTART. This launch was underpinned by the announcement of the signalling for demand for more than 60,000 battery-electric heavy-duty trucks in the United States and Europe by 2030. In an effort to accelerate the deployment of electric trucks and facilitate the deployment of essential charging infrastructure, Smart Freight Centre’s Sustainable Freight Buyers Alliance and CALSTART have kickstarted the Fleet Electrification Coalition. The members of the coalition have agreed to work together to establish favorable market conditions for the deployment of battery-electric heavy-duty trucks.

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Comprised of major global companies committed to decarbonize road freight operations, the FEC recognizes and aims to address several significant challenges that hinder the electric truck market's growth, including limited supply of battery electric trucks, price premiums, and limited availability of truck charging infrastructure.

By surveying leading global companies, the FEC compiled a comprehensive demand signal that can be shared with OEMs, utilities, charge point operators, and policymakers. By leveraging FEC companies’ collective purchasing power and ambitious electric heavy duty truck deployment plans, the FEC aims to catalyze swift and effective action within the electric heavy-duty truck sector.

The FEC intends to overcome the key barriers to fleet electrification by leveraging demand aggregation to collectively tender electric trucks, deploying charging infrastructure, scaling financial solutions, and fostering collaborative pilot projects to accelerate the deployment of battery electric heavy-duty trucks.

The launch of the Fleet Electrification Coalition marks a significant milestone in the transition toward sustainable transportation solutions. As demand for electric trucks continues to surge, FEC's collaborative approach promises to drive innovation, streamline production, and accelerate the electrification of fleets worldwide. 


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About the Fleet Electrification Coalition (FEC)

The Fleet Electrification Coalition (FEC) aims to speed up large-scale ​e-truck deployment by leveraging the power of demand aggregation​. By fostering a strong market for electric trucks, FEC will help drive the transition to sustainable transportation and carbon emissions reduction. The FEC is part of the Sustainable Fleet Buyers Alliance (SFBA), a Smart Freight Centre-led initiative.