Smart Freight Centre partners with World Economic Forum and leading companies to develop a book and claim chain of custody system for transportation supply chain emission reduction actions

Amsterdam, 9 December 2021 - Smart Freight Centre (SFC) is pleased to partner with World Economic Forum (the Forum) and leading companies in launching a new project to develop a framework and accounting guidelines for a book and claim chain of custody system for transportation supply chain emission reduction actions.

Both SFC stakeholders and stakeholders from the Forum initiatives have strongly articulated a need for a universal framework to account for transportation emission reduction actions through a book and claim chain of custody system. Just last month, senior leaders from more than a dozen large transportation organizations in the Forum’s supply chain and transport community also expressed their support for a universal book and claim framework for transportation supply chain emission reduction actions.

The message is clear: Freight transportation supply chains are complex and distributed, and a book and claim chain of custody system for tracking and accounting for freight emissions reduction actions is a powerful tool to accelerate the decarbonization of freight transportation.

It will take approximately 12 months to develop the document describing the book and claim chain of custody framework and the associated emissions accounting guidelines. SFC and the Forum are supported in this work by a selection of leading organizations from across the freight transportation ecosystem. CH Robinson, Deutsche Post DHL Group (DPDHL), GoodShipping, Maersk, PepsiCo, and Torvald Klaveness have all committed resources and technical expertise to make the project a reality.

“The decarbonization of logistics requires an industry wide, multi-stakeholder collaborative effort. In order to enable partners across the value chain to contribute to the accelerated use of sustainable fuels and technologies within the sector, a standardized book and claim accounting mechanism is urgently needed. This mechanism will enable the allocation of emission reductions through insetting and there carbon footprint. Being one of the signatories of the Forum’s Supply Chain and Transport Industry statement of support for green demand alliances and a book and claim standard, we are glad to see this has so quickly been picked up by SFC and the Forum and fully support this initiative"

Andreas Muendel
SVP Strategy and Operations Programs at DPDHL and global head of the company’s Clean Operations program

“In Klaveness, we are dedicating ourselves to creating products and business models allowing stakeholders in the shipping value chain to collaborate on emission reductions. Business models that incentivize collaboration should allow the participants to move ahead with decarbonization even as the regulatory framework is lacking, and they must efficiently reduce the risks of being a frontrunner. Done correctly, a book and claim system can do just that. We are excited to be part of this important work.”

Martin Prokosch
VP, Head of ZeroLab by Klaveness