The Zero Emission Freight Initiative Annual Summit: promoting multi-party dialogue and accelerating to zero emission freight in China

The Zero Emission Freight Initiative Annual Meeting 2023 was successfully organized by Smart Freight Centre China in Beijing on March 21st. The China Zero Emission Freight Status Report 2022 was officially released during the summit, reviewing the policy, technology, infrastructure, and business update of zero emission freight in China.

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Focusing on accelerating the application and promotion of zero emission trucks, the summit invited nearly 200 participants from 120 institutions that represent key logistic partners across the Chinese logistics industry, including governments, think tanks, international organizations, universities, associations and companies. ZEFI Steering Committee was selected with 19 member organizations that represent key logistics' partners on zero emission freight. The summit demonstrated the reputation and influence of SFC China on leading efficient and zero emission freight in China.

Representatives from the Chinese government gave speeches at the summit, expressing their appreciation and approvement of the ZEFI summit.

Division Director of Mobile Air Pollution Sources of the Department of Atmospheric Environment at the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, stated in his speech that:

Developing zero emission freight is an inevitable choice for reducing pollution and GHG emissions.

At policy level, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment will cooperate with relevant departments to further increase support and provide guidance for zero-emission freight. The focus will be on: promoting the construction of clean transportation demonstration projects in key industries and areas, paying attention to urban bulk cargo transportation, and encouraging the promotion of zero-emission trucks by guiding local governments to increase incentive policies on infrastructure construction, appropriate subsidies and right-of-way.

Deputy Division Director of the Department of Transport Services at the Ministry of Transport, pointed out that:

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The development of zero carbon or low carbon freight requires all stakeholders to answer the same question and work together.

In practical work, it is necessary to balance several sets of relationships, including the relationship between policy and market, the relationship between technology and development, and the relationship between transportation and energy. Learning from international best practices was also described as important.

China Zero Emission Freight Annual Progress Report 2022

The first comprehensive assessment report specifically focusing on the development of zero emission freight in China under the "dual carbon" background, fills the research gap in achieving zero emission goals of freight industry in China. The report presents the current situation, challenges, and cases, and illustrates the roadmap for the zero emission freight development.

As practitioners, companies are crucial in the development of zero emission freight, especially those that implement the necessary actions. They can provide valuable experience for the transformation of the industry through their own cases and insights. The annual meeting set up two panel discussion sections, focusing on the "demand of shippers and carriers " and "cooperation among carrier, OEMs, and Energy Service Providers " to promote industry dialogue.

To learn more about the Zero Emission Freight Initiative visit our webpage. To download the Chinese version of the Report, click the button below. The English version will be released at the end of May.

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Path forward

During the summit, SFSA members played a critical role in establishing ZEFI and future ZEFI operation, such as taking a leadership role in setting up ZEFI Steering Committee, a decision-making body that guide and steer ZEFI strategic direction and work priorities, setting the zero emission freight discussion topics in 2023 to bridge government policy regulation and industry implementation.

SFC China, has now established a national zero emission freight program that aligns the logistics industry with active participation of government, shippers and carriers, OEMs, technology providers and energy providers. This paves the way for the development of a shared Sustainable Logistics Roadmap in China.

In 2023, ZEFI will strengthen collaboration with all stakeholders, give full play to the features and advantages of the platform, and accelerate the realization of the vision and goals of Zero Emission Freight. As the secretariat of ZEFI, SFC China will continue to hold annual summits and deep dive sessions with stakeholders, support the electric truck pilot in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area, and help companies with concrete guidelines and tools to deploy zero emission trucks in China.