With the successful completion of the World Bank GEF project, SFC China developed the sustainable logistic roadmap training for the Chinese market

Amsterdam, 10 January 2023 - Granted by World Bank Global Environment Fund, SFC China undertook the 'China: GEF Efficient and Green Freight Transport Project—Capacity Building on Green Logistics Training and Certification' in China.

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With this systematic training program, SFC aims to guide shippers, LSPs and carriers on their journey toward sustainable logistics in China. The training will contribute to China's goal of reaching transport carbon peaking and carbon neutrality in the transport sector.

The project has trained a group of professionals advocating sustainable and low-carbon logistics. This is the first capacity-building program designed and developed to improve the industry's capacity in paving a sustainable and low-carbon development road.

Built on 10 years of smart freight expertise, SFC China integrated the latest Chinese and global climate policy and industry regulations, translated and tailor-made the Sustainable Logistics Roadmap Training to the Chinese context, and incorporated case studies and practices from pioneering companies in China.

The project supported 39 companies to develop their first version of the sustainable logistics roadmap. Supervised and guided by the Ministry of Transport, 31 experts from large shippers, LSPs, industry associations, logistics solution providers, consulting firms, research institutions and development agencies were trained in the ‘Train the Trainer Program’ to prepare future roll out of the project. In October, SFC organized two training sessions across Shanghai and Beijing, with 77 senior managers from multinational shippers, i.e., IKEA, Lenovo, DB Schenker, PepsiCo and their LSPs. The managers subsequently developed their own logistics sustainable development roadmap, this covered 39 companies that were the first batch of logistics service providers with sustainable logistics roadmaps.

The training provided an extensive toolkit including instruction manuals, assessment manuals, and worksheets, along with 8 thematic sessions of presentations, following process and steps for companies to develop a sustainable logistics roadmap:

  1. Climate Change and Logistics
  2. Sustainable Logistics Roadmap Introduction
  3. Logistics Carbon Calculation and Reporting
  4. Setting Logistics Carbon Emission Targets
  5. Logistics Carbon Reduction Solutions and Implementation Pathway
  6. Trends and Selection of New Energy Vehicles
  7. Procurement in Sustainable Logistics Development
  8. Collaboration in Sustainable Logistics Development

"The training provided theoretic guidance as well as real-world best practices to decarbonize logistics, it is very valuable for shippers who want to help and collaborate with their logistics service providers".

Anna Liu
Sustainability Manager of IKEA China

The World Bank and the Ministry of Transport are talking highly of the project. In the final evaluation, the Project Management Office of the MOT granted the project a high score after assessing the project implementation and deliverables.

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List of Trainers’ Organizations

Henan Provincial Institute of Transportation Planning and Design Research

Ningbo (China) Supply Chain Innovation Institute

Highway Science Research Institute, Ministry of Transport

DNV Maritime Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

IKEA Trading Services (China) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch

Liquefied Air (China) Investment Co., Ltd.


Ningbo Yishe Market Research Consulting Co., Ltd.

Institute of Science and Research, Ministry of Transport

Volkswagen Group (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

PepsiCo Food (China) Co., Ltd.

Corning (Shanghai) Investment Co., Ltd.

Mars Arrow Brand Marketing Management Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch

Shanghai Sensy Enterprise Development Co., Ltd.

Zhongli Inspection Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Daolan New Energy Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Rogo Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Institute of Science and Research, Ministry of Transport

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Air Liquide Chemical Products (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Supply Chain Development Promotion Association

China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing

Shanghai Rogo Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Institute of Planning Research, Ministry of Transport

China Hydrogen Energy Alliance Research Institute

Chengdu Lenovo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Maersk (China) Shipping Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch

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