ZEFI Annual Summit 2024 : Advancing Zero Emission Transformation

Beijing, China, May 16, 2024 - Smart Freight Centre China organized the Zero Emission Freight Initiative (ZEFI) Annual Summit 2024 in Beijing on May 9 supported by Energy Foundation China, and more than 60 ZEFI members.

panel photo 1 ZEFI Summit 2024

The Annual Summit was an unprecedented success which made the summit one of the most important and influential industry gatherings in China. The summit hosted a wide range of key players representing the Chinese sustainable logistics industry. More than 200 participants from 150 organizations joined the summit, including the Ministry of Transport, Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport, China Global Sustainable Transport Innovation and Knowledge Center, Dutch Embassy, VECC, CATARC, SAE, Tsinghua University, Beijing Transport Institute, ICCT, and RMI. Shippers and LSPs like Sinotrans, IKEA, SHELL, JD Logistics, DHL, Maersk, PepsiCo, Volkswagen, Lenovo, Mercedes-Benz, and Yusen Logistics actively participated in the exchange.

With the theme 'Advancing the Zero Emission Freight Transformation through High Quality Coordinated Development', logistics partners reviewed the enabling policy, the latest technologies and business models, and the recent zero emission freight corridor demonstration. 3 Roundtables were organized to facilitate dialogue and exchange between policy makers, OEMs and energy providers, shippers and LSPs on developing a shared Zero Emission Freight Vehicle ( ZEFV) roadmap.

Christoph Wolff, SFC CEO, made opening remarks and delivered a keynote speech. He introduced SFC’s mission and effort to reach zero emission freight globally, and highlighted SFC’s role of accelerating the adoption of eTrucks by harnessing the power of market demand. Christoph shared enabling conditions, challenges, and practices of promoting eTrucks for the freight industry, emphasizing SFC's approach in mobilizing shippers and logistics service providers to take a leadership role in decarbonizing logistics.

Sophie Punte, founder, and board member of SFC, illustrated Zero Emission Freight Corridor Policies and Practices in Europe, including the EU Climate Law, National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs), Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) policy and regulation, and the EU Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy 2021.  She also shared her insights on ten success factors for e-trucks and charging and best practices of zero emission corridors, which triggered an informative conversation at the summit.

SFC China released the China Zero Emission Freight Status Report 2023. Focusing on China's road freight transportation sector, especially on the zero-emission transformation of medium and heavy trucks, the report provides a comprehensive assessment of the development of zero-emission freight in China. To download a Chinese version of the report, please click here.

The Zero Emission Freight Initiative is a platform that aligns the logistics industry’s efforts towards efficient and zero emission freight in China.

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