Ro-Ro GHG Emissions Accounting Guidance

Smart Freight Centre and ECG issue the first harmonized methodology, in line with ISO 14083, to calculate Ro-Ro GHG emissions. The methodology is the result of a project where Ro-Ro operators co-operated for 6 months led by Smart Freight Centre. This is part of a wider multimodal project to harmonize emissions accounting from automotive supply chains led by ECG and VDA.

End-to-End GHG Reporting Guidance

Smart Freight Centre and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), in partnership with over 30 leading global organizations, supported by the World Economic Forum, with McKinsey & Company providing analytical insights and advisory guidance, co-developed and released in January 2023 an actionable and implementable guidance to quantify the impact of GHG logistics emissions from supplier to final customer; an End-to-End Guidance.

2022 Clean Cargo Annual Emission Intensity Report

This publication supports transparent tracking of the greenhouse gas emissions associated with ocean containerized cargo transportation.

Data exchange of GHG Logistics Emissions

A guide to overcome barriers and standardize the exchange of GHG logistics emissions.

Voluntary Market Based Measures Framework for Logistics Emissions Accounting and Reporting

With the publication of the new Voluntary Market Based Measures Framework for Logistics Emissions Accounting and Reporting, Smart Freight Centre (SFC) provides the latest in a series of tools to accelerate heavy transport decarbonization.

Clean Cargo Emissions Calculation Method

Clean Cargo carriers regularly submit third party verified vessel operational and technical information to SFC. SFC manages the compilation of this data and the calculation of carrier-specific emissions performance reports according to the Clean Cargo methods.

SFC Membership Brochure

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Green Freight Programs Worldwide 2017

Find out what green freight programs exists that companies can join to improve efficiency and reduce emissions.

Barriers for Carriers

An overview of barriers that road freight carriers face when wanting to make their truck fleet more efficient and reduce emissions, based on international studies and SFC's experience in working with Chinese carriers.